Glass cutting and breaking line LLS Y 3300

lls y 3300

Description and purpose

Glass cutting and breaking line LLS Y 3300 is used for cutting and breaking flat glass along Y axis and it ensures high productivity. The line is composed of Loader HSSK 4, Automatic glass cutting table CNCSS 2550 TPB, transport table, Y breaker, second transport table and edge separating table.

The loader brings glass down into a horizontal position from one of the racks. Glass is then transported to the automatic glass cutting table. Due to the line construction, the optimization software requires that the Y cut must always be along the entire glass sheet width.

After cutting the belt system transports the cut glass sheet to the first transport table, which brings the cut line to the Y breaker, where glass is broken. The operator calls for the final glass sheets using the foot pedal. The glass sheets are then transferred via second transport table to the edge separating table. On this table the operator manually breaks X cuts and the edges. The cycle is repeated until the last glass piece.

Meanwhile, immediately after being available, the loader prepares the next glass sheet and waits for the cutting table to be ready for use. Choosing the next glass sheet can be automatic, as a result of the optimization software, or manual. The loader, table and the rest of the line are synchronized by the software and the system of sensors, so there is no time waste.

Technical characteristicsLLS Y 3300
Table type CNCSS 2550 TPB
Maximum glass sheet dimensions (mm) 3300x2550
Minimum glass sheet dimensions (mm) 350x200
Maximum cutting speed (m/min) 150
Maximum grinding speed (m/min) 75
Grinding tools Standard wheel Ø200/Ø76 x 20mm
Cutting irregular shapes (circle, ellipse) No
Grinding irregular shapes (circle, ellipse) No
Belt transport system Yes
Pneumatic positioning system Yes
Automatic laser positioning to the zero point Yes
"Air cushion" Yes
Number of racks 4
Loader mode Automatic and manual
Total length (mm) 22100
Total width (mm) 4600
Power (kW) 15