Loader: HSS 4 and HSSK 4


Description and purpose

Loaders HSS 4 and HSSK 4 are designed for tilting glass sheets from racks to the glass cutting table, from one of the four positions. They have arms with vacuum cups which can take glass sheets down on both sides. The arm mechanism ensures safe glass tilting, without separation of glass sheets and glass breaking. Loaders HSS 4 and HSSK 4 are equipped with a vacuum pump. Air pressure is controlled by regulators. The loader is controlled by a PLC unit and the system of sensors. It can be both in automatic or manual mode.

Unlike Loader HSS 4 which is delivered without racks, Loader HSSK 4 is delivered with 4 mobile racks. It is possible to place entire glass case on one rack, by using a glass forklift. During loading, racks can be moved back and forth. Racks can be locked in both positions.

Technical characteristicsHSS 4HSSK 4
Maximum glass sheet dimensions (mm) 3210x2550 3210x2550
Glass thickness (mm) 2 - 16 2 - 16
Automatic mode Yes Yes
Manual mode Yes Yes
Racks - 2+2
Mobile racks - Yes
Total length with rails (mm) 7300 7300
Total width with racks (mm) - 4600
Power (kW) 3 3