Pneumatic glass cutting table PSS 3300


Description and purpose

Pneumatic glass cutting table PSS 3300 is designed for cutting flat glass. It is tilted to a vertical position by a pneumatic cylinder. The holders for loading glass sheets are automatically ejected. After tilting to a horizontal position a fan creates an "air cushion" on which a glass sheet floats, making it easy to move the cutting line to the breaking bar. Horizontal and vertical breaking bars are activated by a foot pedal. The table has a possibility of stopping at an angle, so it can also be used for laminating glass. The table has four wheels which makes it easier to place it in the production facility.

Technical characteristicsPSS 3300
Working surface length (mm) 3300
Working surface width (mm) 2200
Working surface width (mm) 850
Transport wheels Yes
"Air cushion" Yes
Breaking bars 1+1
Loading holders Automatic with locking
Total length (mm) 3300
Total width (mm) 2200
Total height (mm) 850
Power (kW) 3