Description and purpose

IG Line ALPPT 2200 ARGON is designed for manufacturing insulated glass. It is composed of a glass washing machine, frame assembly station, panel press with argon filling system, and an unloading transporter. After glass being washed it is moved to the frame assembly station. The frame assembly station is used to place spacer frames, previously coated with butyl, on washed glass. The panel press fills the IG unit with argon, and then glasses and the frame are pressed. The gas-filling process has been improved by a new turbulence-free gas filling system, in order to achieve maximum gas-filling percentage. The press is divided into chambers to minimize gas consumption. The unloading transporter is used to unload IG glass units. Depending on the programme choice, IG Line ALPPT 2200 ARGON can be used for production of double and triple IG units, filled with argon or not.

Technical characteristicsALPPT 2200 ARGON STANDARDALPPT 2200 ARGON MAXI
Working height (mm) 2200 2200
Frame assembly station working length (mm) 2800 3300
Press working length (mm) 2500 3400
Unloading transporter length (mm) 2300 2900
Glass thickness (mm) 2 - 10 2 - 10
Minimum glass height (mm) 200 200
Minimum glass length (mm) 300 300
Triple IG units Yes Yes
Filling double IG units with argon Yes Yes
Filling triple IG units with argon Yes Yes
Semi-structural facade units No No
Structural facade units No No
Total height (mm) 3000 3000
Total length (mm) 13900 15900
Power (with/without water heater turned on) (kW) 14/8 14/8