Laminator: LAM 2000

laminiranje lam 2000

Laminator: Lam 2000 is used for laminating flat glass. It is placed at the exit of horizontal washing machine or after special inlet table-conveyor.

Laminator: Lam 2000 transports the first glass, levels the edge and place it in zero position. With the system of sensors, vacuum pump and vacuum cups it lifts the first glass. The second glass is being transported, leveled and placed into zero position. The operator places the laminating foil on the second glass.

When manipulating the large glass sheets, the operator can move away the top construction and the first glass away, so he can easily place the foil.

After the foil placement, the first glass is being lowered to the zero position. This way the assembled package is ready for laminating furnace.

Removing the glass package from the working surface can be done by table transporter or by unloading arms for the larger glass sizes.

Besides automatic mode, all the machine options can be used safely in manual mode.

Technical characteristics LAM 2000
Maximum glass dimension (mm) 2000x2000
Maximum glass thickness (mm) 10
Minimum glass dimension (mm) 350x350
Length of rails (mm) 6000
Operating modes Automatic / Manual
Vacuum pump Yes
Vacuum cups number 12
Unloading arms Yes
Foil rack Optional
Safety alarm system Yes
Total length (mm) 6000
Total height (mm) 2400
Total width (mm) 2600
Power (kW) 1.5