Hotmelt machines HM25 and HM50


Hotmelt machines HM25 and HM50 are used for melting and applying hotmelt adhesive between the edges of the glass unit using a hose and a gun. Tank capacity can be 25 kg or 50 kg, depending on the model. Equal adhesive heating is performed in the tank, pump, hose and the gun. The machine is equipped with a system which prevents cold start. It also has a system which prevents adhesives from being overheated. A frequency regulator is responsible for safe motor functioning.

Technical characteristicsHotmelt machine HM 25Hotmelt machine HM 50
Tank capacity (l) 25 50
Working temperature (ºC) 170 - 205 170 - 205
Flow rate (g/min) 1500 - 2000 1500 - 2500
Heating time (min) 45 45
Total length (mm) 800 800
Total height (mm) 1200 1200
Ukupna širina (mm) 550 550
Total width (mm) 3.5 4