Two-component extruder TLE 400

Two-component extruder

Two-component extruder TLE 400 is designed for preparing two-component sealants. Sealant mixing ratio is dosed by pneumatic dosing pumps. The mixer is used for mixing components. The sealant is placed between the edges of the glass unit by a gun. After the work is completed or during a longer break, it is necessary to put the mixer and gun into the freezer or to rinse the system. The freezer FRZ 1 is delivered together with the two-component extruder TLE 400. By default the two-component extruder TLE 400 is set up for thiokol (polysulfide) sealant, but it can be used with other sealants, with certain adaptation.

Technical characteristics Two-component extruder TLE 400
Component A capacity (l) 200
Component B capacity (l) 20
Flow rate (g/min) 3500
Mixing ratio range 1:7 - 1:19
Default mixing ratio 1:10
Adjustable mixing ratio Yes
Adjustable pressure Yes
Adjustable flow rate Yes
Mixer unit for homogenous mixing Yes
Demountable mixer boom stand Yes
Freezer Yes, FRZ 1
Freezer range Cooling -18°C do -30°C
Heating chamber Heating +20°C do +35°C
Total length (mm) 1500
Total height (mm) 2800
Total width (mm) 1500
Power (kW) 6