Glass washing machine VMPSF 2600

vertikalna masina za pranje stakla vmpsf

Glass washing machine VMPSF 2600 is designed for washing flat glass. Depending on the model, Glass washing machine VMPSF 2600 / VMPSF 2600 PW has a pre-wash section, which task is to clean coarse impurities, such as ground glass dirt.

Machine body consists of outside armor covered with sound isolation and inside stainless steel body, divided into sections: pre-wash (optional), washing and rinsing. Machine is equipped with three pairs of hi-quality vertical brushes suitable for washing low emission (low-e) glass.

By using a control desk with touch-screen panel operator can adjust glass transport speed and glass thickness. The machine can wash glass sheets from 4 to 24 mm and the thickness is adjusted by CNC motor. Glass transportation starts from inlet conveyor, through machine body to the exit conveyor, and the movement speed can be adjusted.

Air unit consists of two centrifugal fans and sound-isolated box cover.

The machine can be optionally equipped with glass thickness detection system.

Technical characteristicsVMPSF 2600VMPSF 2600 PW
Working height (mm) 2600 2600
Adjustable washing speed (m/min) 3-10 3-10
Variabile glass thickness - cnc motor (mm) 4 - 24 4 - 24
Pre-wash section (grinded glass) No Yes
Minimum glass height (mm) 300 300
Minimum glass length (mm) 300 300
Number of brushes 6 6
Low-e washing Yes Yes
Stainless steel covers Yes Yes
Stainless steel tanks 3 4
Sound isolation Yes Yes
Water demineralization unit Optional Optional
Extended outlet conveyor Optional Optional
Total length (mm) 8750 (10200) 9000 (10450)
Total height (mm) 4100 4100
Power (kW) 17 17