Glass washing machine VMPSN 1600


Glass washing machine VMPSN 1600 is designed for washing flat glass. Glass washing machine VMPSN 1600 is equipped with two pairs of vertical brushes suitable for washing low emission (low-e) glass. The machine has a water tank with a heater and a thermostat allowing washing with hot water. Glass is rinsed by a system of nozzles, which is connected to the water demineralization unit. The upper part of the machine is open, which allows washing larger glass sheets in two passes. VMPSN 1600 represents the new generetion of glass washing machine. The machine has a numerous stainless steel parts: base transport plane, machine doors, brush axels, inside transporter axels, brush and nozzle covers and all bolts that are in a wet environment. The machine has sound isolation. The demineralization unit and additional water tank with a pump are required for washing low-e glass.

Technical characteristicsVMPSN 1600 Standard
Working height (mm) 1600
Adjustable washing speed (m/min)) 2 - 7
Glass thickness (mm) 3 - 10
Minimum glass height (mm) 250
Minimum glass length (mm) 300
Number of brushes 4
Open machine top Yes
Low-e washing Yes
Stainless steel covers Yes
Stainless steel tank Yes
Sound isolation Yes
Water demineralization unit Optional
Additional water tank Optional
Total length (mm) 6500
Total height (mm) 2500
Power (with/without heater turned on) (kW) 13/7