Automatic glass cutting table CNCSS 2550 PPB


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table class="uk-table uk-table-striped uk-table-condensed uk-table-hover">Technical characteristicsCNCSS 2550 PPBMaximum glass sheet dimensions (mm)3210x2550Maximum cutting speed (m/min)150Maximum grinding speed (m/min)100Grinding toolsGrinding wheel Ø20mm or a brushCutting irregular shapes (circle, ellipse)NoGrinding irregular shapes (circle, ellipse)NoHydraulic lifting of working surfaceYesAutomatic laser positioning to the zero pointYesBreaking bars2+1“Air cushion”YesCrane loading supportYesTotal length (mm)4470Total width (mm)3200Power (kW)5

More Information

Automatic glass cutting table CNCSS 2550 PPB is designed for cutting flat glass fully automatically, using a computer that is located on the control console. In addition to cutting, the table is equipped with a head for removing low emission coating (low-e). Automatic glass cutting table: CNCSS 2550 PPB has a massive and sturdy steel construction, which makes it resistant to vibration. Advanced linear technology components ensure high level of cutting precision. The working surface of the table is made of wood panels, resistant to moisture and coated with a special synthetic wear resistant material. The table is equipped with a fan that is used to form an "air cushion" which allows handling the glass sheets or the cut glass pieces easily on the working surface. The bridge and head of the table are made of aluminum to reduce weight and achieve maximum torque. Positioning the head to the zero point is automatic, laser guided.

Automatic glass cutting table CNCSS 2550 PPB has a hydraulic system for lifting the whole working surface using its own pump and cylinders. The table is equipped with a glass breaking system, one horizontal and two vertical breaking bars, and with a pneumatic system for their activation. It also has cylinders for the separation and the reception of glass sheets, if the glass sheet is loaded by a crane. It is equipped with holders for glass reception that are electronically protected from power outage. Automatic glass cutting table CNCSS 2550 PPB is primarily intended to stand alone, but can be installed in a glass cutting line with a loader and a separate glass breaking table.

Automatic glass cutting table CNCSS 2550 PPB can cut regular shapes of glass (square, rectangle) and remove low-emission coating (low-e) on regular shapes of glass. The software for cutting and optimization of a large number of glass sheets, with the primary goal to reduce waste, has been developed by Perfect Cut.


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