Sorting cart KZS 50


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Technical characteristics
Sorting cart KZS 50
Maximum glass size (mm)
Maximum glass width (mm)
Total length (mm)
Total height (mm)
UTotal width (mm)

More Information

Sorting cart KZS 50 is used for sorting and storing glass after the process of cutting. Finding and pairing up to 50 glass pieces with maximum height of 1700mm and length of 2500mm can be performed easily. The cart is equipped with polyurethane sorting wheels which are resistant to wearing. Each sorting wheel can be rotated independently in order to facilitate loading and unloading of glass pieces. The cords are wrapped with protective hoses which rotate to prevent low emission glass, glass with film and sensitive glass from being scraped. The cart is equipped with the system of brakes, which is activated when the manipulation lever is lifted. This system stops glass pieces from being moved when the cart is in motion. The transport wheels can handle high load and they are also covered with polyurethane in order to minimize wearing.

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